Security boss fired from refugee centre

The head of security at the Customs House centre faces claims of corruption.

Asylum seekers stand in line with their documents outside the Customs House Home Affairs refugee centre. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Department of Home Affairs says the head of security at its Customs House refugee centre has been dismissed after claims of corruption were levelled against him.

Chaos broke out at the foreshore building last week as asylum seekers tried to storm the premises. Police were forced to intervene.

The department's Yusuf Simons says the head of security is being investigated after it was claimed he was accepting money to allow foreign nationals to move ahead in queues.

Simons says while the claims are being probed the department wanted to "mitigate any risk and removed him".

He says the centre is in the process of working on new arrangements for refugees applying for extensions.

"What we decide a week ago is that instead of just extending asylum seeker permit [applications] we also want to start finalising cases. We have scheduled more interviews with asylum seekers to adjudicate, interview and finalise their cases [sooner]."