Police hunt for Reiger Park shooters

Desmond Tombeen, a member of the Dougans gang, was gunned down on Wednesday.

FILE: A Dougans spokesperson in Reiger Park. Picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police are still hunting for gunmen in what appears to be yet another incident of gang related violence in Reiger Park on the East Rand.

The victim, Desmond Tombeen, was an alleged member of the Dougans gang who are known for dealing drugs in the area.

Tombeen's name was on a list of drug dealers which was sent out by concerned parents who are trying to fight the drug problem.

It is alleged the 59-year-old was approached by a silver Renault late on Wednesday.

The occupants of the vehicle opened fire when Tombeen tried to escape but fell to the ground.

It's understood one of the men left the vehicle and shot Tombeen while he was down.

The shooting comes just days after another gang shooting in which a man was shot and wounded during a drive-by.

Police are yet to make any arrests.