'Poo' wars continue in CT

Premier Helen Zille says the ANC Youth League is trying to sabotage service delivery.

Premier Helen Zille says the ANC Youth League is trying to stymie service delivery.

CAPE TOWN - An ANC Youth League member says portable toilet facilities being distributed in some parts of Cape Town where the bucket system is still in use is equally degrading.

On Monday, Loyiso Nkohla and former Cape Town Councillor, Andile Lili dumped human waste on the steps of the Western Cape Legislature in the Cape Town CBD.

The following day, a group of people in Khayelitsha threw faeces at Western Cape Premier Helen Zille's convoy where she had attended a green economy event.

Police had to fire tear gas at the protestors to disperse the crowd. Two men were arrested for public violence.

Nkohla says the recipients are unhappy with the portable flush toilets and want proper ablution facilities instead.

He's warned they'll repeat their actions, if necessary.

"How do you relieve yourself outside of your shack? Even if it's not raining, then you relieve yourself inside the shack. How do you then relieve yourself with your children watching? It's a serious disregard of privacy."

Zille insists the protest was completely uncalled for and in poor taste.

"The ANC Youth League doesn't want us to solve problems. They don't want us to deliver to people. And when we are delivering to people and when there is intense uptake of these units, then the ANC Youth League gets very upset and they try and stop people from getting the services we are delivering to them."

Meanwhile, another public meeting arranged by the City of Cape Town has ended in chaos - this time in the Samora Machel informal settlement.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille was forced to leave a public meeting held at the Weltevreden community hall on Tuesday night after the crowd became unruly. A similar incident occurred in Philippi last week.

De Lille was booed off the stage and had to be escorted out of the area in an armoured vehicl