Bieber under investigation for reckless driving

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has come under spotlight again, this time accused of reckless driving.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Picture: AFP.

LOS ANGELES - Teen pop star Justin Bieber is under investigation for allegedly speeding through his gated Los Angeles-area community in a Ferrari sports car, prompting neighbours to complain to police, authorities said on Wednesday.

Residents of the singer's private Calabasas, California, neighbourhood called police on Monday saying Bieber was driving recklessly through the gated estate, Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

"Two witnesses called us and claimed he was driving a white Ferrari at high speed," Whitmore said, adding that one witness was former NFL football player Keyshawn Johnson.

Bieber, 19, who has refused to be questioned by police, could face a misdemeanour reckless driving charge when the investigation is handed over to local prosecutors in the coming weeks, Whitmore said.

A representative for the Canadian singer declined to comment on the reckless driving allegations.

It is the second incident involving Bieber and his neighbours in recent months.

In March, Bieber was accused by a neighbour of spitting on him during a confrontation over parties hosted at the singer's home while he was on tour in Europe.

The case has been turned over to prosecutors, who have yet to bring charges against him, Whitmore said.

The incidents follow a string of headline-grabbing episodes over the course of his European tour earlier this year.

A capuchin monkey that belonged to Bieber was confiscated at the Munich airport in March for not having the necessary paperwork and is now German national property after the singer failed to reclaim it.

Bieber also startled onlookers in Lodz, Poland, in March by stripping off his shirt on a freezing evening as he walked through security to his private jet, and in London he scuffled with a photographer outside his hotel.