Underage sex workers found in PTA

EWN learnt that 13-year-old sex workers regularly work the streets of Sunnyside and Arcadia.

FILE: Child Protection Week 2012. Picture: GCIS

PRETORIA - Eyewitness News learnt on Tuesday that girls as young as 13 are offering their bodies for sex on the streets of Pretoria.

A study last year found that as many as 38,000 underage sex workers are operating in the country.

Eyewitness News trawled the streets of Sunnyside and Arcadia looking for underage sex workers.

A woman offered to set up a sex deal with a young teenager.

"That one is 15-years-old, she's still young and naive. She came here because of her cousin."

Another sex worker urged Eyewitness News to take up the offer to avoid disappointment.

"It is best if you take her because they will swindle you and tell you they are older when they are actually younger."

The woman charged R100 for what is termed a 'full house.'


Cape Town NGO Molo Songololo said even though great strides were made to protect children in South Africa more could be done as the country marks national Child Protection Week.

The drive started on Monday with the theme this year entitled: 'Working Together to Protect Children.'

Since the beginning of the year there were many reports on sexual violence against children and more recently mothers dumping their newborn babies.

Earlier this month a newborn baby girl was found dumped in a bush in Delft.

A passerby found the little girl wrapped in a blanket near the Tsunami informal settlement.

In another incident, a newborn was found in a fridge in Johannesburg in April. The baby was found alive in a residential yard with its umbilical cord still attached.

Molo Songololo's Patrick Solomons said, "While the country has made great strides to ensure that we improve the care and protection of children this is not enough."

"Child protection must be a priority. There are far too many reported cases of child neglect, abuse and some very horrible cases of violence against children."