Diepsloot still volatile

More foreign owned shops were looted and set alight in overnight violence.

Looted Diepsloot shop. Picture:EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Diespsloot residents in northern Johannesburg say they fear for their lives as tensions remain high in the volatile township.

A foreign owned shop was set alight and many other shops were looted during overnight violence which forced many Somali businessmen to flee.

Violence was triggered by two Zimbabweans who were shot dead by a Somali shopkeeper who claims they tried to rob him.

After the shooting, violent protests erupted which prompted police to disperse the crowd with rubber bullets.

A resident said all foreign shop owners were being targeted despite a heavy police presence.

"Some foreigners who left Diepsloot were stoned. There are mixed feelings among residents as some want them [foreigners] to stay while others say they [foreigners]don't employ locals."

An angry crowd also began verbally attacking the media for filming them looting.

The crowd ordered the media to leave and pelted a car with rocks. The crowd dispersed when police arrived to escort the media out.

Diepsloot ward councillor Abraham Mabuke said he was shocked by the killings and pleaded with the community to remain calm.