Referees must deal with racism - Platini

UEFA President Michel Platini has asked players to respect the laws of the game.

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CAPE TOWN - UEFA President Michel Platini on Monday urged soccer players not to walk off the pitch if they are racially abused during a match.

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli said if he was racially abused, he would not hesitate to leave the field.

This after Balotelli's teammate Kevin-Prince Boateng walked off the pitch during a friendly match following racial abuse.

Speaking to CNN's Pedro Pinto, Platini said it's up to the referee to make the call.

"It's not a matter for the player to regulate the game; it's a matter for the referee. The referee can stop the game for racism, but a player can't do that, it's not possible."

Platini also discussed changes to European football.

There have been calls for UEFA to adopt a more accommodating attitude towards the introduction of technology in officiating.

This after the Football Association reached a decision that it would introduce goal-line technology in the English Premier League (EPL) next season.

Platini believes money spent on goal-line technology in the Champions League could be put to better use.

The former French international said implementing it across Europe for every single league would be too expensive.

He said he would rather spend the money on youth development.

(With additional reporting by CNN)