NUMSA to start negotiations

The trade union is concerned about what bosses are basing their increases on.

Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

SANDTON - The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) said on Sunday it will start negotiating wage increases in the next month but also said that employers appeared to be demanding more work with less pay.

The trade union said it was concerned that bosses are basing increases on figures which are not more than the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

NUMSA's Irvin Jim said a wage increase equal to CPI would leave members with an effective zero increase.

Jim said that employers are also claiming that productivity must increase and, with more work less pay in a post Marikana era, this is a recipe for disaster.

He said they are deeply concerned with Reserve Bank governor Jill Markus' statement that wage demands are out of line and above inflation, showing that she is clearly taking a class position in defence of capitalists.

Jim said they will fight for a living wage but has warned that NUMSA is always ready for strike action if their demands aren't met this year.