Booysen Murder: NPA has strong case

Preparations are underway to transfer the Anene Booysen case to the Western Cape High Court.

Anene Booysen was gang-raped and murdered in Bredasdorp. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Tuesday it believed it had a strong case against the man accused of the brutal rape and murder of Bredasdorp teenager Anene Booysen.

Johannes Kana appeared in the local magistrate's court on Tuesday.

His co-accused Jonathan Davids was released from custody after all charges against him were withdrawn due to insufficient evidence.

Security guards found the mutilated 17-year-old at a construction site in February.

The NPA said apart from Kana's confession there was also evidence which linked him to the brutal rape and murder of Booysen.

He previously admitted to sexually assaulting the 17-year-old but denied killing her.

Preparations were underway to transfer the matter to the Western Cape High Court.

The NPA's Eric Ntabazalila said the case would resume on 3 June for plea proceedings.

"It's where he is going to admit to what he did and these are the parts that are in dispute so that when we go to the court we can draft the indictment on the summary of facts."

The NPA's forensic investigation into the case had been finalised.

At the same time Kana's relatives said the law must take its course.

His uncle said they just want to know what happened to Booysen and who was responsible.

"If he did the duty he must pay. I know the Lord will do the best because you are working in the truth and the right way."


An attorney at the Women's Legal Centre (WLC) on Tuesday said it was disappointing that only one accused in the case remains behind bars.

Davids was arrested shortly after Booysen identified him as one of her alleged attackers.

The WLC's Sanja Bornman said, "If the investigation and finalised forensic report do not disclose any physical evidence against Mr Davids at this time, it is legally correct to withdraw charges against him."

Meanwhile, some Bredasdorp residents were worried police may have botched the investigation.

Bredasdorp Mayor Richard Mitchell believes the new developments could possibly reveal loopholes in the police's investigation.

He said Tuesday's incident clearly showed the right suspects were not arrested.

Mitchell has called for a thorough probe.

Bredasdorp resident Suzie Moses said she was shocked and couldn't believe Davids was a free man.

"The police must do their right work and arrest the right people."