No fresh Signal Hill attack, say cops

Police say they are only dealing with one attack on Signal Hill and not two as initially reported.


CAPE TOWN - Cape Town police said on Wednesday miscommunication resulted in a report about an attack on Signal Hill at the weekend.

On Tuesday, Eyewitness News ran a story about an incident in which a teenage girl and her male friend were robbed and the young woman sexually assaulted.

Police initially said the incident was separate to a similar attack on a Norwegian exchange student in April.

On Wednesday, police confirmed that there was in fact no second incident and that the information related to some new leads in the Norwegian student case.

The police's Fienie Nimb said, "I just want to confirm that there is no second case of robbery on Signal Hill. It is now in connection with the exchange student. We have video footage that we would like to get out to the public to help us with any information."