Brazil ready for Confed Cup - Jordaan

Brazil are set to have their dry run ahead of the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

Danny Jordaan. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - With the Confederations Cup kicking off in Brazil in June, the Estádio Nacional was delivered on Saturday although the venue is still far from complete.

The opening match takes place on June 15 as Brazil host Japan in the 70,000 seater stadium.

2010 Local Organising Committee Chief Executive Danny Jordaan now acting as FIFA's Special Advisor to the Confederations Cup, explains while South Africa is a unitary state, Brazil is quite different.

"They have a strong federal government. It's very difficult to deal with the federal government and the state government and the city government. Each one has their own responsibilities so it causes time delays to get decision finalised."

While focusing on overall stadiums, Jordaan explains why there will not be an official hand over from South Africa before the tournament.

"We played in São Paulo some time go and there was the hand over in that match in Brazil. In Brazil they have 25 days to the kick-off of the Confederations Cup and this is a huge challenge for them.

The Confederations Cup has been moved to the host country to test operational readiness and infrastructure and I think everyone is ready and keeping their fingers crossed."