Advocate confident Kana will spill the beans

Women's Legal Centre remains hopeful justice will be served in the Anene Booysen murder case.

Johannes Kana - accused number 2 in the Anene Booyse case. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Women's Legal Centre on Tuesday said the truth about Anene Booysen's murder would be revealed even though there is now only one suspect.

Booysen was gang-raped, disemboweled and left for dead at a Bredasdorp construction site in early February.

Despite massive physical trauma, Booysen named at least five suspects before she died.

On Tuesday, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) withdrew all charges against 23-year-old Jonathan Davids due to a lack of evidence.

Davids appeared in the Bredasdorp Magistrates Court along with Johannes Kana who remains in custody.

Advocate Sanja Bornman said she was positive Kana will spill the beans.

"We are disappointed that only one accused remains while Booysen initially identified five perpetrators. But if the investigation and finalised forensic report do not disclose any physical evidence it is legally correct to be withdrawing charges."

Davids expressed relief saying he had nothing to do with the crime.

Meanwhile, South Africans took to social networks to voice their opinions on the matter.

Justice Malala tweeted: "#Anene Booysen. Tatane. Marikana mess. J Arthur Brown. Weak, politically compromised #NPA bungles cases daily. Institutional failure."

Tony Ehrenreich also tweeted: "The justice system cannot afford to fail Anene Booysen otherwise the perpetrators of violence against women will think they can get away it."

While Kay Sexwale wrote: "Getting off Twitter for a bit but just have to say: How dare the police and NPA bungle up the Anene Booysen case? How DARE they?! Nxa!"

The matter was postponed to 3 June.