City steps into N2 toilet cleaning protest

Former Sanicare workers are suspected of being responsible for protests on the N2.

FILE: Protesters blocked the N2 Highway. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town said it's trying to resolve a dispute between a cleaning company contracted by the municipality and its dismissed workers who are believed to be behind ongoing protests on the N2 highway.

The former Sanicare workers went on the rampage blocking roads and burning tyres yesterday.

The company is responsible for cleaning toilets in 13 informal settlements.

Last month six council workers were injured and a vehicle torched in the Kanana informal settlement in Gugulethu.

The city's Ernest Sonnenberg said these demonstrations were not due to a lack of service delivery.

"We cannot allow disgruntled workers to keep the city from servicing toilets in informal settlements, but unfortunately the situation is such that our workers are being threatened."

Sonnenberg said the city wanted the protests to stop.