Another attack on Signal Hill

CPT police are investigating another sexual assault on Signal Hill.

Cape Town police are investigating the second case of sexual assault on Signal Hill in as many weeks. "Picture: Stock.XCHNG"

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town police are investigating a case of kidnapping and sexual assault after a teenage girl was attacked on Signal Hill.

The girl and a male friend were apparently standing next to their vehicle along the lookout point during the early hours of Saturday morning when they were approached by two armed men.

The men robbed them off their belongings and then forced the couple into their vehicle where they sexually assaulted the woman.

The suspects drove in the direction of Summer Greens where they ditched the car and fled on foot.

The police's Fienie Nimb says they are following up on a few leads.

"The suspects made and an ATM withdrawal with the stolen card and we managed capture surveillance footage of them. We also urge the publice to please make contact with us if they have any information."

In April, a Norwegian exchange student was raped on Signal Hill.

The student and her boyfriend were confronted by two men who raped her before driving the couple to Camps Bay and fleeing on foot.