Karabus considers suing UAE govt

Retired Cape Town doctor Cyril Karabus' legal battles may be far from over.

Prof Cyril Karabus arrives at Cape Town International Airport on 17 May 2013 following a legal battle in the UAE. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Retired Cape Town doctor Cyril Karabus' legal battles may be far from over.

Karabus had on Sunday said he was considering taking legal action against Emirates Airlines, the Hospital Group and the Abu Dhabi government.

The 78 year-old returned home on Friday following his harrowing nine month ordeal in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The professor was held in Abu Dhabi on a manslaughter charge and even though he was eventually acquitted, he struggled to return home due to several delays.

His lawyer Michael Bagraim said Karabus wanted to sue Emirates Airlines because it did not inform him of his imminent arrest last August.

Bagraim said they were also looking at taking the Hospital Group to court as it did not let Karabus know about his guilty verdict in the UAE in 2002.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702, Karabus said was never informed about the charges.

"I knew nothing about this at all, they lied, and the court report had a record. I have a copy of it in English which claimed that they had informed me about the case, I was totally shocked when it happened."

The retired doctor said even though he went through so much over the past nine months, it had not changed him much.

"I think I'm just a nicer guy as I ever was and modest as well. But I know there is a change and I thank the people who helped me there."

Karabus spent the weekend relaxing and catching up with his family.

He was arrested in August while in transit in Dubai to South Africa en route from his son's wedding in Canada.

The retired doctors' lawyers said he had paid more than R1 million in legal fees.

Karabus received his passport back from officials in the UAE last Tuesday but had to resolve visa issues on Wednesday which cleared him to finally leave the country.

On a lighter note his lawyer said Karabus was thinking of returning to work as a locum.

"I don't believe he'll ever go back to the UAE, but he might locum in England."