Police investigate cause of fire at Broadacres

Residents say they are still in shock that the Broadacres Shopping Centre caught fire.

Fire at Broadacres Shopping Centre. Picture: LauraPowell/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police were investigating the cause of a massive fire that ripped through a large section of the Broadacres Shopping Centre on Friday night.

It was still unclear what sparked the blaze.

No one was injured.

More than 100 curious onlookers gathered around the shopping centre on Cedar Road as fire-fighters doused the flames.

The Spur, Banjaara and Nandos restaurants took the brunt of the burn.

But the banking section and the Virgin Active gym were spared.

One child said they were devastated their favourite restaurants went up in flames.

"I am so sad about Nandos and I am glad FNB didn't burn because all my money is there."

All employees at the scene were swiftly evacuated and the fire was quickly contained.

Chartwell residents in northern Johannesburg described their shock and disbelief, with some saying they were afraid complexes around the mall had also caught the fire.