Matriculant shot in WC

A grade 12 learner was shot in the head at the Spes Bona High School in Athlone.

The entrance to Spes Bona High School in Athlone after a matriculant was shot in the head. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Dozens of concerned parents on Tuesday gathered at the Spes Bona High School to collect their children after a grade 12 pupil was shot and wounded in the head.

The entrance to the school was packed with parents who chose to collect their children out of fear for their safety.

Dressed in a night gown and sleepers, one mother told Eyewitness News she was taking no chances as she was worried the same thing could happen to her child.

Shaames Jumat said her 16-year-old son was previously shot and therefore she was particularly worried.

Many other pupils could be seen leaving the school with their parents in tow.

Learners, who witnessed the incident, left the school crying.

It is unclear what caused the shooting but some community members believe it may be gang-related.

Earlier, police sniffer dogs could be seen combing the crime scene.

The Western Cape Education Department is investigating the matter.

The department's Bronagh Casey said, "The department has received information that a learner was shot. We have sent officials to the school to investigate as well as provide support for the learners."

Several Cape Town communities have been battling with gangsterism in recent months.

Some pupils have been forced to stay away from school due to the random shootings.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a case in which a grade nine pupil was assaulted and stabbed at Heideveld Secondary School.

The 15-year-old was dragged on the ground, kicked, punched and stabbed just below her left eye allegedly by a girl gang.

Police have called on the parents to report their children if they are involved in gangs.