Henning's father testifies

Ivan Saincic told the court her estranged husband Nico stood to benefit the most from her death.

Henning's father testified in the court where Gouws and Monye were standing trial for murdering his daughter.

PRETORIA - A tough line of questioning from the defence advocate had on Tuesday led to suggestions that Chanelle Henning's estranged husband had the ideal motive to have her killed.

Ivan Saincic testified in the North Gauteng High Court where Andre Gouws and Ambrose Monye are standing trial for murdering his daughter.

Henning was shot dead moments after dropping off her son at school in Faerie Glen in November 2011.

Gouw's defence advocate Dan Mostert asked Saincic who he believed stood to benefit the most from his daughter's murder.

Saincic said it had to be her estranged husband Nico.

Mostert spent an hour questioning Henning's father about the custody battle between the Henning's for their son.

It emerged that Nico had accused his wife of sexually abusing their son in an effort to gain custody.

Henning was shot 11 months after a court granted her full custody of her son.

Monye's advocate told the court on Monday that they were considering issuing a subpoena to force Nico to testify.


Earlier this week, a police forensic data expert testified there was no evidence to prove one of the men accused of murdering Henning gained financially from the crime.

Captain Francois Moller testified that he found no evidence to show any of those implicated in the crime paid money into Gouws' bank account.

Moller further testified that he found no traces of funds being transferred from Gouws' account to any of his alleged accomplices.

The captain did however say he could not rule out the possibility that payments were made in cash.

Moller also confirmed the investigation into Henning's estranged husband, Nico, was ongoing.


When the case adjourned in December, Moller was cross examined by Mostert.

Moller produced cellphone and banking data collaborating the versions provided by the two men already convicted of murdering Henning.

It was also revealed that the Hennings were in the midst of an acrimonious divorce when the shooting happened.

Gouws told the court he was hired to 'dig up dirt' on the young woman, but insisted he never ordered her to be killed.

A pizzeria in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria was allegedly where Henning's murder was planned.

Gouws said the meeting happened, but only the details of Henning's address were discussed.

Moller also testified about numerous deleted text messages between Gouws and Henning's estranged husband Nico.

It was then revealed that Gouws was a close friend of Nico.

Cellphone tower data, billing details as well as bank records linked the men accused of murdering Henning.

Initially, there were five suspects.

The policeman convicted of murdering Chanelle Henning was sentenced to 15 years for corruption last year.

Gerhardus du Plessis pleaded guilty to the crime in the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court in Pretoria.

A third accused Preshan Singh negotiated a plea agreement with the state which saw him sentenced to three years correctional supervision for supplying the weapon used to kill the young mother.

He pleaded guilty to a firearm and ammunitions related charge.

Another accused, Willem Pieterse, pleaded guilty to charges of murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm in December 2011.