Bikers rev against e-tolls

Gauteng bikers are driving around Johannesburg to voice their anger against e-tolls.

Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered at the World Wear Centre on Beyers Naude Drive in Johannesburg before their protest run against the controversial upcoming e-tolling system on 11 May 2013. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of Harley Davidsons, Yamahas and Honda motorcycles were burning rubber across Gauteng's highways on Saturday morning, all to protest the upcoming e-tolling project.

The large group, Bikers Against E-tolls, gathered at the World Wear Centre on Beyers Naude Drive in Johannesburg, filling the parking lot to the brim with high performance vehicles.

The loud revving of engines reverberated in the ears of anyone who was standing in the World Wear parking lot, the smell of burning rubber remaining in the air.

The motorcyclists want the province to know how much they despise Sanral's e-tolling project.

The road hogs blazed down the N1 highway, heading towards the N3 south and the N12 west.

The group was led by a police escort, and a truck emblazoned with flames known as 'Mustang Sally'.

Bikers Against E-tolls organiser Shaun Pfister said Sanral was taking advantage of the everyman.

"We are here to ride against e-tolls. We don't what it and it should not be in place."

Sanral said that the e-toll project should be implemented before July.

Under the project, Gauteng motorists will be expected to fork out at least 30 cents per kilometre for the use of the province's upgraded highways.