Tutu won't vote for ANC

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said that the country really needs a change.

FILE: Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the launch of the "Ubuntu in the Home" programme to combat domestic violence through the use of religious leaders. Picture: Sapa

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC on Friday said it will not respond to a public claim by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu that he will not vote for the ruling party.

He made the claim in an opinion piece he wrote for an international magazine.

In the piece, Tutu said that he voted for the ANC in the past years, but said he will not be able to vote for them again after the way things have gone.

He continued to say that the country really needs a change.

The Archbishop added that the Constitution has a weakness and that once people get to party lists, they do not want to risk losing their positions.

South Africa should change to a constituency-based electoral system, Tutu continued.

He was recently discharged from hospital following an infection.

Although officially retired, Tutu continues to speak publicly about global injustices and domestic politics.