Bieber Fever in SA

iWitnesses Riyad Hartley and Tina Lureman sent us their impressions of Justin Bieber's Cape Town concert.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber performs in Cape Town on 8 May 2013. Picture: Riyad Hartley/iWitness

Justin Bieber entertained his 'Beliebers' (fanatical devotees) at his Cape Town concert on 8 May 2013. iWitness Riyad Hartley got a last minute ticket to the show and sent us his experience and some cool pictures:

The evening started at around 6:30pm. I was on the fan walk camera in hand, ticket in my pocket and a clique of Beliebers for company.

As an avid fan of concerts and live shows I have been part of many crowds and fan groups but nothing quite prepares you for what is Bieber Fever!

The atmosphere was PG but the Gees was not lacking in the least, as group after group of teenagers dressed up in "swag" littered the pavements singing, chanting and screaming the sounds of Justin Bieber.

Groups of teenage girls ready to jump out of their skin made their way to Cape Town Stadium accompanied by adults that were just there to supervise of course, well I couldn't find anyone over 25 willing to admit they actually wanted to go, though I think I may have been lied to by the adults.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was electric! Not a single empty seat in sight and barely enough room in Golden Circle to move two steps without knocking into someone. Imagine roughly 45 000 fans screaming one guy's name - that alone is quite an experience.

The show itself was a pop odyssey filled with all the trimmings that goes with a side of singing idol. Justin Bieber pulled out all the stops, pyrotechnics, choreographed routines, costume changes and even a drum solo. He engaged with the crowd and also told his story alongside the actual performances.

The one downside of the night if any would be the sound quality at the Cape Town Stadium itself, but honestly I don't think any of the Beliebers noticed.

Overall a great show and entertaining within its own merit, even if pop music is not really your thing the antics on stage would have kept you locked.


iWitness Tina Lureman also had a great time (see her video above):


In the run-up to Wednesday night's performance, the City of Cape Town split into three kinds of people: The Beliebers, The Haters and The Neverminders.

Justin Bieber performed to a sold out and hysterical Cape Town Stadium. The atmosphere, although slightly high-pitched, was amazing!

Believe it or not, Beliebers started queuing more than 30 hours before the concert to ensure a spot close to their idol. And what a performance!

Professional, good use of media, great special effects, choreographed to perfection and to top it off Bieber knows how to interact with the crowd.

Bieber might be a product of the digital age, but he's a hard worker and it shows. And I'm not just referring to dance moves; there are some valuable lessons to be learnt from Mr Bieber when it comes to personal branding, connecting with your customers and harnessing the power of social media.

This guy has got talent and he's not a kid anymore. In fact, he is growing up very quickly and it was clear throughout last night's performance that Bieber is fighting hard to break out of his teen-sensation-image and desperately wants to be seen as an adult icon.

"Don't say I'm not talented. If you haven't noticed, I wasn't made. I was found."

Haters are going to hate, but Bieber Fever might just be the most infectious disease of our time and by Wednesday evening even the haters were experiencing some form of FOMO!

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