Burger King opens in SA

US fast food franchise restaurant, Burger King, has opened its first store in Cape Town.

The first Burger King in South Africa opened its doors in Cape Town on 9 May 2013. Picture: Rafiq Wagiet/EWN

CAPE TOWN - US franchise Burger King made its official debut in South Africa on Thursday with its first outlet opening on Heerengracht Street in Cape Town.

There has been mixed opinions on whether there's space in the market for another burger joint.

Burger King's Jaye Sinclair said, "We have created a training facility that caters for about 100 people and our captions are equipped so that we can proceed with the job training as well. "

Sinclair said that their facility is very close to the City Station and MyCiti bus depot, which will help in increasing their visibility.

The installation of the restaurant can be compared to that of its rival McDonalds, which saw its first South Africa restaurant open in 1995.

Burger King can take few lessons from McDonalds as it tries to expand its business base and work around the clock to lure customers.