A truly unBELIEBERble show

50,000 Beliebers got a night to remember at the Justin Bieber concert in Cape Town.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Big concerts said Wednesday night's Justin Bieber concert has been one of their most challenging events yet.

The Canadian pop sensation's long awaited concert was performed in front of a 50,000-strong crowd at Cape Town Stadium.

Big Concerts' Justin van Wyk said besides a few overwhelmed fans fainting, no serious incidents were reported.

"It's a whole new dynamic when you have 50,000 young people. They were so overwhelmed by their emotions when they seen their hero. It was very challenging."

But, he added that it was a coordinated event with no major incidents."

Many of Bieber fans or 'Beliebers' who attended the concert said it was unforgettable.

Thousands had camped outside the venue hoping to get in first and get a better view of the pop star and his performance.

Beliebers said his moves were amazing and was well worth the money spent.

"He's so amazing. we cried during the show. He's gorgeous and he can sing," a fan said.

Some of his avid fans even vowed that they were going to start practising some of his moves.

No violence was reported during and after the show as City authorities had tight security.

Bieber's next performance is on Sunday at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.