Trouble brewing at Charlotte Maxeke

A mass exodus of specialists could be on the horizon for Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.

Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital sign. Picture: ewn.

JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News understands the resignations of 12 specialists from the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital's anaesthesiology department could be the start of a mass exodus of specialist doctors from the facility.

On Monday Eyewitness News revealed the resignations were the result of an ongoing battle for overtime payment and mistreatment from management.

As a result almost half of the anaesthesiology department will no longer be working there next month.

This leads to questions of how the hospital will perform vital surgeries with such a limited staff.

Sources have told Eyewitness News these resignations will not be the last as the hospital refuses to pay its specialists for their commuted overtime.

Doctors said managers have been verbally abusive to those trying to secure overtime pay and that meetings to try and resolve the issue have hit a dead end.

Meanwhile, despite numerous attempts by Eyewitness News to contact them, the health department and the hospital management have yet to comment on the resignations.