Total booze ban won't work - AA

The AA believes lowering the legal blood alcohol level to zero will not curb road fatalities.

Traffic. Picture: Jacob Moshokoa/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Automobile Association (AA) on Monday said lowering the legal blood alcohol level to zero will not do anything to curb road deaths.

The Department of Transport is considering lowering the legal blood-alcohol level to zero, but Western Cape Transport MEC Robin Carlisle is opposed to it.

He said the country does not have the proper structures in place to effectively implement the law.

If the national department gets its way, motorists who have had any alcohol could face arrest.

The AA's Gary Ronald agrees with Carlisle.

"The current system is just so badly flawed that it would not change the behaviour of our drivers on our roads. There is no incentive for drivers to go to a zero rating, because law enforcement is still way too inefficient."

The department insists that the majority of traffic accidents in South Africa are alcohol related.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is pushing for a total ban on alcohol advertising.

However, some critics have warned that the ban could have a negative impact on the economy.