Jo'burg mom pleads with kidnapper

A Johannesburg mother is pleading with the woman who snatched her baby to return him safely.

Refiloe Enele’s son was kidnapped at the Johannesburg Park Station on 04 May 2013. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - The mother of a one-year-old baby pleads to the woman who kidnapped her baby to return him safely.

A woman, who identified herself as Busisiwe, stole the baby after she offered to hold him.

Refilwe Anele says she travelled with the woman from Cape Town, who accompanied her to the salon where her child was snatched.

Anele says her husband was hospitalised after she heard that the child been taken.

"He suffered a heart attack after he heard that the baby was stolen."

Anele says anyone with information can contact the police.

"My tears are dry. I can't cry any more. I'm heartbroken and I'm blaming myself for what has happened."