Theologo murder case postponed

This week the court heard graphic details of how the alleged satanic ritual took place.

Family and friends of Kirsty Theologo protest outside Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg on 15 April 2013. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The trial of four people accused of killing teenager Kirsty Theologo has been postponed in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court.

Theologo died in hospital a week after she and a friend were doused with petrol and set alight in an apparent satanic ritual on a hill in Linmeyer nearly two years ago.

Jeremy King pleaded guilty to the crime and entered into a plea bargain with the state.

He has been testifying in the palm Ridge Magistrates Court this week and has revealed details of how everything was planned.

King's cross-examination is expected to wrap up when the trial resumes later in May.

Lawyers for the accused have scrutinised King's plea bargain statement and testimony and have already pointed out several inconsistencies.

This week he revealed graphic details of how the alleged satanic ritual was planned and how the events unfolded on the hill.

The matter was postponed until 13 May when the state is expected to call more witnesses.

However, Theologo's family says it is concerned the postponements may cause the trial to drag on for years.

Earlier in the trial, Lester Moody, who pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 12 years behind bars, also described how the sacrifice was planned and who instigated the ritual.

He testified that the group planned to sell their souls to the devil for fame money and power.

He told the court they got the idea from hip hop artist Jay-Z.

The court heard how the accused tried to summon a beast from the bible that would be used by Satan to rule the world and they were convinced hip hop artists had done this before.

Moody said he and his co-accused were convinced rapper Jay-Z had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for money, fame and power.