Bus strike may enter 3rd week

Unions and employers have still not been able to reach a decision regarding bus drivers wage demands.

Striking bus drivers gather in Athlone on 25 April 2013. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Transport unions involved in the nationwide bus drivers' strike said at the weekend they are meeting with employers in Johannesburg this weekend to try and settle the ongoing wage dispute.

The industrial action is about to enter its third week.

Bus drivers won't return to work until they get a double digit increase.

They want an 18 percent wage hike while their bosses are offering 9.

The Transport and Omnibus Workers Union (TOWU)'s Tony Franks said, "We'll be in Johannesburg on Sunday and Monday to try and talk to employers about a settlement agreement."

Cape Town commuters said they are dreading yet another week of industrial action.

A bus commuter said the strike is ridiculous.

"I feel that the strike has been a major inconvenience for me. We're entering a third week already and it is really getting ridiculous. Some of us rely on buses as a more affordable way of travelling. Some people are taking two to three taxis to get where they need to be, which costs up to R16 a day."