ASA to focus on athletes - Majavu

ASA Administrator Zola Majavu says the organisation has been neglecting the athletes.

Curved athletics track. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - Athletics South Africa (ASA) Administrator Zola Majavu on Friday told Eyewitness News it has been a long time since the actual sport has been the organisation's primary focus.

The embattled sports body has been dragged through the mud in recent months after power struggles between James Evans and Hendrick Ramaala were accompanied by allegations of bankruptcy.

Majavu said attention now needs to be placed on taking care of the athletes.

"We might not be able to pay all of them but I think it's about time that we focus on athletics. Once I've paid those athletes, I can concentrate on other creditors because the business of ASA is to look after athletes."

Majavu said Evans' attempts to appeal have been dismissed.

"The Pretoria High Court dismissed the application by Evans and the court made a further ruling that he is to cover the costs of that litigation, including my cost as a newly appointed administrator."