Mamabolo free to compete

Exonerated from doping charges, runner Ludwick Mamabolo can now compete again.

South African Ludwick Mamabolo was the men’s winner at the the 89 kilometre Comrades race on 3 June 2012. Picture: Lena Faber/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - It was confirmed in the last few days that Ludwick Mamabolo is now free to compete after his lawyers proved irregularities in the Comrades drug testing process.

But the CEO of the South African Institute of Drug Free Sport (SAIDS), Khalid Galant, said on Wednesday he is not off the hook just yet.

"We have three weeks in which to review the decision of the tribunal and see whether there's grounds for an appeal. The World Anti-Doping Agency, also has the right to appeal, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Athletics South Africa (ASA) also has the right to appeal."

Mamobolo tested positive for methylhexanamine after last year's Comrades Marathon but his lawyers argued that there were 12-15 irregularities in the way his sample was handled.

Galant said he felt this was a case of a great defence team.

"We didn't feel it was substantive to take the outcome of the sample, but the defence built their case around it and the tribunal went with it and exonerated Mamabolo."

He said that while their testing procedures are world class there is sometimes room for error.