EMS trains shack dwellers to fight fire

Informal settlement dwellers are receiving raining on how to deal with fires.

Johannesburg Emergency Services Fire engine. Picture: supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg emergency management services (EMS) said its door to door fire awareness campaigns have helped local communities as fewer incidences are being reported throughout the city.

EMS is currently teaching various community members on how to prevent fire incidents at their homes during the winter season.

The traditional bucket system is still a key mechanism the community of Mangolongolo informal settlement uses to extinguish fires in its area.

Many informal settlements have suffered huge losses as a result of uncontrollable fires in the past particularly during winter times.

On April 5, 38 families were left homeless after a fire broke out at Pietermaritzburg's Jika Joe informal settlement.

The move could be seen as a preemptive safety measure to avoid future fire outbreaks in many informal settlements.

Meanwhile, two children died in a fire in Philippi.

The incident happened late on Tuesday night.

The children were asleep in a shack at the time of the fire.

Disaster management said several fires were reported since Tuesday afternoon leaving 22 people displaced.