Pensioners march to Parliament

Senior citizens from around Cape Town say they cannot live on R1,260 per month.

Cape Town senior citizens marched to Parliament on 30 April demanding an increase in state pension. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Some disgruntled Cape Town senior citizens on Tuesday taken to the streets demanding a hike in their old age state pension grants.

Hundreds of beneficiaries have marched to Parliament calling for a substantial increase in the grant.

Holding placards which read "Give us more" they say they cannot live on R1,260 per month.

Many told Eyewitness News with rising petrol, electricity and food prices, it was the elderly who suffered.

The protesters said they were taking up the fight for an increase in the old age grant for all South African pensioners.

Mitchells Plain pensioner, Yusuf Dammes, said he was struggling to survive and blamed government for not looking after the elderly properly.

For one pensioner it became too much as she collapsed and had to be transported to hospital.

The senior citizens handed over a memorandum of concerns.