ANC defends its Madiba footage stance

The party is adamant that the footage of Nelson Mandela was meant to show that he is still alive.

ANC's Jackson Mthembu. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC on Tuesday defended its visit to Nelson Mandela and aired footage saying it wanted to share the very frail former head of state with the world and show that he is still around.

The ruling party has come under fire after footage of an ailing Madiba was shown on national television on Monday.

Despite reassurances that the former president is in "good shape" the footage shows the 94-year-old with a vacant look on his face during a surprise visit by President Jacob Zuma to his Houghton home.

The ANC's Jackson Mthembu said "Some South Africans and even some people in other countries were saying we are economic with the truth when we said Madiba was still around.

So the act was to show the South Africans that Madiba is still with us but also to share Madiba in his frail state."

Madiba is recovering at home following his recent hospitalisation.