DA cries foul over Secrecy bill

A ‘glitch in the system’ has caused the DA to cry foul over the controversial POSI bill.

A ‘glitch in the system’ has caused the DA to cry foul over the controversial secrecy bill. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) have cried foul in the adoption of the controversial Protection of State Information bill in Parliament.

Last week, the African National Congress (ANC)'s Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga found there was a technical glitch when he voted.

This apparently resulted in his vote being recorded incorrectly.

The bill was passed by Parliament's National Assembly last week after three years of political squabbling.

The DA's Chief Whip Watty Watson said the opposition party found the ANC had "changed" some votes.

"The results on the documents indicated that he voted [differently]. If we can change the votes behind the scenes what is the use of having a vote? The ANC then came along and said it was a mistake. But if there's a fault in the system then the entire voting could be suspicious," Watson said.

The ANC has denied there were any problems with the parliamentary voting system.

Meanwhile, calls for President Jacob Zuma to refer the controversial bill to the Constitutional Court are growing louder.

Despite major changes those opposed to the bill said it remained unconstitutional. The critics have vowed to launch a legal challenge against it.

The proposed law was passed with 189 votes in favour, 74 against and one abstention.