Report: Safa out of cash

Reports indicate that Safa is struggling to stay afloat after posting a loss of R54 million.

Reports say Safa is struggling to stay afloat after posting a R54 million loss. Picture: Safa.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Football Association (Safa) was dipping into profits from the 2010 Fifa World Cup, reports on Sunday said.

The money was apparently meant to help develop local football.

The Sunday Times reported Safa had to use the money to keep afloat.

This was after it posted a loss of over R54 million last year.

Safa was only left with R2,9 million in the bank, with salaries for its staff costing over R17 million.

The football association received R113 million from the Fifa World Cup Legacy Fund over the past two years for the development of football.

The body's CEO Dennis Mumble told the Sunday Times that in 2011 R8 million of the World Cup money was used to buy Mercedes-Benzes for Safa executives.

But Mumbles demanded proof of wrongdoing, saying Safa was in the middle of a dirty campaign for positions ahead of its elections in September.