Ramphele lashes out at govt

Agang leader Dr Mamphela Ramphele says SA has lost its voice against govt because of fear.

 Mamphela Ramphele is still not giving anything away about a new political party.Photo: Lesego Ngobeni/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Agang leader Mamphela Ramphele said the corporate business centre has lost its voice because of fears of being victimised by government.

Ramphele made the statement while addressing students, stakeholders from business, civil society and academia at Wits University on Thursday.

nine weeks after launching her party political platform.

Mamphela said, "Why, if millions of citizens want change, and those with influence in our economy and government recognise the need for urgent action, has so little happened up until now? In my experience over the past nine weeks, and even before that, an important part of the answer lies in one word: Fear".

The Agang leader spoke lengthily about the state of rampant corruption in South Africa and has made a call to all business to join hands in defeating this culture.

She further said, "We stand now at a point in our history which is no less pivotal than 1976. The country of our dreams we imagined, the bright future we saw in 1994, is becoming dimmer and dimmer.

In too many public schools, teachers aren't in class or they are not prepared to teach. Textbooks aren't being delivered reliably and on time. Schools have no toilets, no libraries, and no laboratories in too many poor communities across our country."