Justin Bieber shrugs off tour 'rumours'

Justin Bieber shrugs off ‘rumours’ surrounding his European tour after Swedish drug find.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Picture: AFP.

STOCKHOLM -Teen idol Justin Bieber on Thursday seemed to shrug off the latest controversy surrounding his European tour after Swedish police said they had found drugs on his tour bus but could not link them to any single person.

Bieber, 19, has made headlines in the past two months for showing up late for his own London concert, walking shirtless through airport security in Poland, posting a cartoon of himself in bed with a young woman, and expressing the hope that Holocaust victim Anne Frank would have been a belieber like his millions of fans.

On Thursday, Swedish police said an officer smelled marijuana on an empty tour bus outside the hotel where Bieber was staying before his Stockholm concert on Wednesday.

They said they found a small amount of drugs but had no suspects and did not plan further action.

"Some of the rumours about me....where do people even get this stuff. whatever...back to the music," Bieber tweeted on Thursday to his 38 million Twitter followers after announcing he had arrived in Finland.

Representatives of the Canadian singer, who started his career as a squeaky-clean 15-year-old, had no comment.

In Stockholm, police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said the drugs were being sent for analysis. "We don't know who had the drugs or who smoked them, so it will be hard to link them with any individual," Lindgren said.

Bieber has been on the road with barely a break since September 2012 on his Believe world tour, where he has been greeted by screaming young girls and blaring headlines for some bizarre behaviour.

In March, he abandoned a pet monkey at Munich airport because he did not have the right papers, and flew back to Los Angeles for 36 hours and into an altercation with a neighbour.

Last week, he came under fire in the media on grounds of taste after he wrote in a guest book at the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam that the 15-year-old Holocaust victim and diarist was inspiring and "hopefully she would have been a belieber".

The museum later defended Bieber, saying they were delighted he had visited and that his comments were innocent.