Solidarity takes Correctional Services to court

Solidarity believes its current court case will change the face of affirmative action in South Africa.

Union members arrive at the Rustenburg Civic Centre, for talks about the Lonmin wage impasse. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Cape Town labour court will now hear testimony from 10 correctional services officials who were passed over for promotion because of their race.

Trade union Solidarity has taken the department to court over it's affirmative action plan, arguing that it's demographic criteria is negatively affecting coloureds, who are the majority in the Western Cape, but not nationally.

It's representing 10 officials who've not been promoted due to the affirmative action policy within the Ministry.

Solidarity believes its case will change the face of affirmative action in the country.

Solidarity's Dirk Hermann said, "We came here with five applicants, we know there's five more to come and then the Department of Correctional Services asked that the two cases be merged and now suddenly we have about 10 applicants."