JHB menaced by rain and power problems

The northern suburbs of Johannesburg experienced massive power outages on Saturday.

Heavy rains caused heavy flooding in Cape Town a few days ago. Picture: iWitness/@ek_capetown

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng emergency services on Saturday continued their attempts at rescuing several motorists stuck on flooded roads caused by the weekend's heavy rainfall.

Officials said New Canada Road in Soweto was closed for most of the day, after three cars were washed away.

In Orlando West, houses were damaged and storm water drains blocked, after the Klipspruit River broke its banks.

"We were trying to pass earlier and didn't notice that there was water inside [the car]," said one passenger in a taxi.

"All of a sudden the car gets stuck in the middle of the road."

At the same time, the northern suburbs of Johannesburg experienced a massive power outage of which the cause was being investigated.

The areas affected included Highlands North, Sydenham, Killarney and Sandringham.

City Power's Louis Pieterse believes power will be restored as soon as possible.

"Our operators are on site and if all goes according to plan, we'll start restoring power within the next two hours."