Serial killers claim 9th gay victim

Another gay man was found dead in a pool of his own blood at his Norwood home.

Dr Carl Mischke was murdered at his Norwood home. Picture: Shain Germaner/EWN

Dr Carl Mischke, a professor at the University of Johannesburg, was found face down on his bed in a pool of blood on Monday morning, after having allegedly invited in his killer or killers.

His naked body was covered by a duvet, hiding the multiple stab wounds that led to his death.

The Norwood resident's death bears the hallmarks of eight other murders of gay men across Gauteng, and police have confirmed that his death will be investigated alongside the other eight victims.

The 47-year-old had been lecturing at the University of Johannesburg since the beginning of this year, teaching post-graduates on the intricacies of Labour Law.

Mischke's death appears to be the ninth in a series of murders committed by what police have described as a gang targeting members of the gay community.

Police have linked cases in Cape Town to the same gang, and believe the group travels between the two cities.

Police said the gang allegedly gains the trust of its victims to be invited into their homes.

It's then that they murder their targets usually through strangling or suffocation before robbing them.

The police's Brigadier Neville Malila said that Mischke's death will be investigated by the provincial task team that has been assigned to probe the other eight deaths.

While the task team was established last year, only three arrests were made in November for the murder of one of the other victims, Barney van Heerden, who lived a few streets away from Mischke's home.

But since the breakthrough, the rest of the gang's members have eluded the police, prompting gay rights groups to label investigators as incompetent or disinterested.

Dawie Nel, director of OUT, says police are sluggish in their investigation because of the sexuality of the victims.

As each murder has become known to the media, Nel has called on police to step up their investigation, but to seemingly no avail.

"Up to this point, there've only been three arrests in one of the cases. We call on the police to please take this seriously, and increase the urgency of their investigation to ensure justice for the victims and their families," said Nel.

He has also asked that gay men remain cautious in who they invite into their homes.