Post Office disappointed by latest strike

The South African Post Office is concerned about the impact of the latest strike.

Post Office workers embark on a strike. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Post Office said it was disappointed that about 200 casual workers have staged another strike at its Witspos Distribution Centre in Gauteng.

They are demanding that the process of appointing permanent staff be speeded up.

The last strike to hit the post office earlier this year lasted just over a month and caused massive backlogs.

The Post Office's Khulani Qoma said they were not experiencing the same problems, but the strike was an inconvenience.

"The South African Post Office is actually aggrieved by this beyond words. We are concerned about our customers. Unfortunately, actions like these get to undermine our efforts to deliver service."

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the Post Office was running at a loss of R170 million.