Road flooding in Cape Town

Several roads are flooded as a result of heavy rain around Cape Town.

Heavy rains caused flooding in several Cape Town neighbourhoods on 17 April 2013. Picture: iWitness/@ek_capetown

CAPE TOWN - There have been reports of some flooding around Cape Town as the first of two cold fronts hits the peninsula.

Eyewitness News received reports flooding in a parking lot at Kenilworth Centre as well as roads in Claremont and Plumstead.

Disaster Management's Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said they are on a high alert.

"The city's road and water storm department is aware that the river system in Plumstead is overflowing. However, there is no immediate threat to the property that is situated around there."

Solomons-Johannes also said they have deployed their teams to informal settlements.

"We have deployed disaster management officers, the engineering services team in our informal settlements to conduct regular inspections, especially in those communities which are located in low lying areas."

The cold front is expected to move to other parts of the country.