NCC wants to meet retailers over meat testing

Top retailers implicated in the meat scandal ill soon meet with the National Consumer Commission.

Top retailers implicated in the meat scandal will soon meet with the National Consumer Commission.

CAPE TOWN - The National Consumer Commission on Monday said it wanted to meet soon with the retailers who have been exposed as selling wrongly labelled meat products.

Two recent university studies have found some meat products on shop shelves contained traces of donkey and even kangaroo that were not declared on the packaging.

Pick 'n Pay, Shoprite, Woolworths, Spar and Fruit & Veg City are only a few retail chains that have been identified as stocking mislabeled meat goods.

Acting Consumer Commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed said it would "contact the Consumer Goods Council of SA to set up meetings with retailers to establish where in the supply chain this contamination happens."

He said they had already met with the SA Bureau of Standards.

"What we also need to do is find a way to test products in quantity."


Food Lover's Market Managing Director Brian Coppin said they have begun testing their products.

"We have already started DNA testing and tracked down 25 products."

Woolworth's food technologist Karin Carstensen said they were taking the matter very seriously.

"We are following up on the information because we take every piece of information seriously. Our foods should be labelled correctly."

Spar's Chief Financial Director Mark Godfrey said: "None of the unusual animals that have been quoted in the press have been detected in any of the samples taken from any of the Spar stores."