‘Modimolle monster’ case postponed

It was an emotional day in court for both Johan Kotze and his estranged wife Ina Bonnette.

Johan Kotze. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA.

PRETORIA - It was an emotional day in court for the man dubbed the 'Modimolle monster'.

Johan Kotze on Tuesday broke down as he admitted to torturing and mutilating his estranged wife, Ina Bonnette, in January 2012.

But he said he did not orchestrate Bonnette's gang-rape and denied murdering her 19-year old son, Conrad.

Kotze, who was in tears, said he was confused and furious in the days leading up to the attack.

He told the court he saw Bonnette with another man on New Year's Eve and three days later, he used a needle and pliers to mutilate her.

His alleged victim also broke down in court as she heard his testimony.

Kotze insisted he never meant to hurt Bonnette and told the court that he pleaded with his accomplices not to rape her.

According to the so-called Modimolle monster, he did not have the power to control the situation.

At that point, Bonnette laughed and shook her head.

But she wept as Kotze broke down and denied that he killed her son, though he admitted to holding a gun and hearing a shot go off.

The confession was contained in a series of rambling notes Kotze wrote while he was on the run.

In the notes, he apologised for hurting Bonnette and said he hoped she made a full recovery.

The matter will resume in the North Gauteng High Court on Wednesday.