Maimane trying to score points - Kunene

Kenny Kunene is upset over a column the DA’s Mmusi Maimane wrote about him.

Businessman Kenny Kunene. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Socialite and businessman Kenny Kunene on Tuesday said Democratic Alliance (DA) national spokesperson Mmusi Maimane was trying to score cheap political points and was being hypocritical.

A spat between the two blew up on Twitter on Monday after Kunene called Maimane a glorified "garden boy" and a "political cockroach". Kunene made sexual references about the politician's wife.

The so-called Sushi King took offence at a column written by Maimane about his credentials as a role model.

Kunene said Maimane was not being consistent.

"Don't buy political points. We know that Maimane is vying for the premiership of Gauteng in his party. He is now using Kenny Kunene as a platform to kind of elevate his status and become this speaker on social issues."

Meanwhile, many people took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the matter.

Nchema tweeted, "Will the DA win your vote by tackling Kenny Kunene?", while Kay Sexwale wrote "Kenny Kunene is an oxygen thief".

Meanwhile, Maimane said his criticism of Kunene had nothing to do with political point scoring and everything to do with role models in society.

Maimane said Kunene's reaction was evidence of his behaviour as a role model.

"What I had anticipated was for him to put forward an argument to defend his lifestyle and not attack me and threaten my wife."