Expert testifies in Basson inquiry

Toxicology expert and Stellenbosch University Professor Gert Muller took the stand on Monday.

Apartheid chemical and biological warfare expert Dr Wouter Basson leaves the Constitutional Court. Picture: Sapa

PRETORIA - Apartheid-era chemical warfare expert Wouter Basson on Monday called renowned toxicology expert and Stellenbosch University Professor Gert Muller to testify on his behalf at his ethical conduct hearing.

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) hosted the inquiry in Pretoria on Monday.

The inquiry is looking at whether Basson is fit to practice as a medical doctor.

Muller gave evidence on toxic chemicals and poisons, including those used in warfare.

He started off his testimony by providing a history of his career.

The professor has been a medical practitioner for more than 45 years and has written numerous medical journals and books.

Muller provided insight into what exactly constitutes toxic chemical as well as different categories of chemicals, including irritants used in teargas.

The professor was scheduled to testify last year, but suffered a heart attack.

Basson is accused of acting unethically by being involved in the production of drugs, weaponising teargas as well as providing substances used in cross-border kidnappings.