Belly putters diluting golf – Player

Golfing legend Gary Player has condemned the use of belly putters in the professional form of the game.

Golf action

CAPE TOWN - Golfing legend Gary Player has hit out at belly putters, saying they are diluting the game.

Several golfers including Masters Champion Adam Scott use the controversial putter on occasions.

Player said in his days, putting required skill and training made golf a lot more interesting.

He added that he was taken aback when 14-year-old Guan Tianlang used a belly putter in Augusta.

"I was shocked to see that and my goodness me, we have to get rid of that immediately.

"I trained my mind and my body to have good nerves when I was coming down the back nine in a big major world title and that's why I've won 18 majors."

Player suggests that the putters don't test the temperament of golfers enough.

"I could control my mind and now all you do is if you got any nerves, you put a belly putter in your hand or you put a long putter in your hand and you haven't got any nerves anymore. That's 40% of the game. I feel sick when I see someone using that sort of equipment."

The Masters served as the first major tournament since a proposal was announced last year to ban the club.

The US Golf Association and Royal & Ancient Golf Club have proposed a new rule to ban anchored strokes.

The US PGA Tour and PGA of America say they oppose the ban, with tour commissioner Tim Finchem saying there is no scientific data to prove there is a competitive advantage in using anchored strokes.