300 000 names struck off Zim voters roll

Anyone who wants to add their name to the roll will have to prove their parents’ nationality.

Zimbabwean Politicians: Zanu-PF leader Robert Mugabe and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

HARARE - With elections in Zimbabwe scheduled for three months from now, the electoral commission chief says 300,000 names have been struck off the voters' roll, apparently because they all belonged to dead people.

But anyone who wants to add their name to the roll faces a new and unexpected hurdle: they have to prove their parents were born in the country.

Voting in the presidential elections will not be as easy as voting was in the March Constitutional Referendum.

Then Zimbabweans just had to produce their identity cards.

This time voters will have to find their names on the voters' roll, which carries around 5.7 million entries.

Responding to criticism of the roll, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chief Rita Makarau said authorities have already removed the names of 300,000 deceased voters.

But there will be concern over a statement from the registrar general who confirmed that those born in Zimbabwe are eligible to vote but only if they can prove one or both of their parents were also born in the country.