SA medics to assist Syrian victims

SA medics will join aid workers and travel to Syria to treat victims of the civil war.

A scene from Syria's civil war. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - A group of South African doctors and aid workers are preparing to leave for war-ravaged Syria.

They will be joining other international humanitarian missions in the country.

Thousands of people have been displaced and at least 70,000 people including women and children have been killed in this civil war, which has been dragging on for over two years.

The Gift of the Givers Foundation has been planning a mission Syria for several months.

Founder Imtiaz Sooliman said, "Thousands of patients, civilians, refugees and children are lying injured and require assistance from war damage and from normal disease. For the last two years there's been no medical care. From this reason we set up a hospital in Syria and are now sending a medical team to assist because there are not enough medical personnel."

Sooliman has assembled a team of 48 health care professionals who will be taking with them much needed medical supplies.

The most basic level of health care is no longer available in vast parts of the country.