'Madiba comment was a cry for attention'

An education network says a code of conduct needs to be implemented for senior university staff.

An education network says code of conduct is necessary for university staff after Jansen’s Madiba comments.

CAPE TOWN - The Higher Education Transformation Network (HETN) on Wednesday suggested a code of conduct for high level university staff after the University of the Free State's Jonathan Jansen landed himself in hot water over alleged comments regarding Nelson Mandela.

The Beeld newspaper reported earlier this week that Jansen said presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj had lied that Madiba was simply going into hospital for a check-up.

Jansen also allegedly said that when a 94-year-old goes to hospital, he goes there to die.

The network said his comments are a little more than a cry for media attention.

The network's Reginald Legoabe said higher education should have penalties for such comments.

"We would really like a code of conduct to be set and strictly followed by senior university staff."